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performance TRAINING

  • Full movement assessment

  • Custom plan designed specifically based on your goals & movement assessment

  • Exercise selection chosen to improve strength & performance without sacrificing mobility

  • Get stronger, faster, and feel better while enjoying your favorite sports/activities

  • Regular follow-ups to ensure you are progressing towards your goals


 1-on-1 Training

  • Rates

    • 1x/week: $85/session​

    • 2x/week: $75/session

    • 3x/week: $70​/session

2 Person Group Training

  • Rates​​
    • 3x/week: $105​/session

    • 2x/week: $110/session

    • 1x/week: $127.50/session​

  • No long term commitments

  • Pay as you go

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