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performance physical therapy

  • Full orthopedic assessment at initial evaluation

  • 60 minute, 1-on-1 follow up treatment sessions

  • Clinical explanation of your condition and how we will approach treating it

  • Conservative management focused on avoiding unnecessary injections and/or surgeries

  • Better results in fewer visits

  • E-mail follow-up with video links to therapeutic activities to ensure the best outcomes with treatment

  • No cookie-cutter treatment approaches or mindless exercises

Treatment packages*

  • 1 Visit: $150

  • 6 Visit: $800

  • 12 Visit: $1500

HSA Accepted

Why packages?
Packages save the patient time AND money. Typical insurance co-pays run anywhere from $35-$50 per visit. At 3 visits per week for 8 weeks, this comes out to a minimum of $840. This is usually low-quality care with 15-30 min of 1-on-1 time with the therapist. Investing in your health pays dividends for a lifetim

* Packages expire 12 months from date of the first visit.

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