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My Philosophy

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As your physical therapist, my goal is to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain so that you can get back to the activities you love. I strive to achieve this with every patient by performing a thorough one-on-one assessment, prescribing targeted interventions, and actively participating in executing the plan of care. In following this guide, we can work together to get you out of pain, achieve your movement goals, and give you the tools you need to to prevent it from happening again!
As your trainer, my goal is to help optimize your health, build resiliency, and keep you injury resistant while participating in the activities you love. The principles I use to achieve these outcomes are same as those that I use in physical therapy:  test & assess, intervene, execute, and re-test. Applying this model helps assure we are striving towards the goals you set forth at the beginning of training. Using the best, science-based principles of strength, conditioning and performance training, we can work together to get you moving better, feeling better, and performing at a higher level!
I started Volition Performance & Physical Therapy to provide higher quality, individualized care to patients and clients as well as bridge the gap between performance and rehab. Having worked in large, chain PT clinics, I noticed there was an emphasis on seeing as many patients as possible instead of providing the best quality of care possible. In this traditional in-network insurance model, I was seeing 2-3 patients at the same time for 8 hours, and I knew I wasn’t giving the patient the best experience I could provide. At Volition, you will always get 1 hour of time dedicated to your treatment.

Another limitation I saw in chain PT clinics was an inability to properly treat athletes looking to perform at a high level, either due to a lack of understanding on how to challenge/load the patient, or not having the resources/space/equipment to do so. That is why I operate out of multiple gyms and training studios with the equipment to challenge every level of athlete.


Personalized interventions guided by a thorough assessment to provide the quickest path to pain-free movement


Evidence-based training and movement principles applied to get you stronger and feeling better at the same time


A principles-based approach to analyzing human movement as an integrated system



Associate Professor Exercise Physiology

Auburn, AL

"I had shoulder pain with bench pressing and overhead movements that I just couldn't get rid of! I worked with Vik for two months, and now I am able to bench press pain-free without any injections, pain-killers, or surgery! Vik really took a different approach and explained in detail how the body was mechanically linked and what he assessed was the root cause of my shoulder pain. The rehab activities he prescribed were very specific and helped me find relief almost immediately."



Oakton, VA

"I have been running for almost 50 years, and late last year I severely sprained my ankle while running on my favorite river trail. I was really heartbroken and worried that my running days might have either ended or were going to be dramatically curtailed. Vik put me through a completely thorough program for several months that gradually got me back to running – but not until I had progressed through a number of strengthening exercises. Vik tailored a program for me that addressed my lack of leg and foot strength, balance, and a number of other bad workout habits I had accumulated over many years.  What started as straight-ahead physical therapy expanded into a range of full-body strengthening exercises he prescribed that have given me new strength and confidence while running – even on treacherous trails.  Vik was extremely patient, resourceful, and had a knack for combining physical therapy’s science with practical, day to day exercises that folks like me can perform.  I am grateful for what he did for me!


So I am back to my favorite, challenging running trails – thank you Vik!"



Web Developer

Tampa, FL

"I had the pleasure to start my training with Vik several months ago. Having back issues and pain I was hesitant to do things like squats and deadlift. With his combination of skills and expertise Vik was able to get to a point where I had a strong base. Vik worked with me through squatting deadlift all while checking in with how my body was feeling. He set me up to be able to continue my training on my own and I'm grateful for that."



Registered Nurse

La Porte, IN

"I was having hip mobility issues and constant pain with squatting. Vik helped me overcome my pain and set me on a path for better functional movement and I've been squatting pain-free ever since."


Tel: ‪(571) 206-8668



Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: 7am - 5pm

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